Athene McGonagall and the Devine Owl – The Use of Ancient Greek Myths as Imagery in Harry Potter

Introduction[1] During the past twenty years or so the world of Harry Potter has enraptured the minds of millions of people, young and old. The masterfully crafted magical universe sparked a world-wide interest in fantasy, magic and myths – an ongoing interest that does not seem to imply a downward trend happening in the near future. The world of Harry Potter is complex, and the parts not invented by author Joanne Rowling lends its themes, characters and narratives from a variety of sources; among Read more [...]

Harry Potter and the Greek treasure trove – How and why Greek myths were incorporated into a modern magical epic

Introduction In ancient Greek the word μῦθος (mythos) simply means word, speech or story, but can also carry the connotations normally associated with the word “myth” today: namely fiction, legend or fable.[1] In recent years books and films alike have provided us with a cornucopia of fantastical tales of gods, heroes and mystical creatures. The genre of fantasy seems to be getting ever more popular, and looking to the future, it appears we still have a lot to look forward to from companies Read more [...]

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